No, No, I Didn’t Go To Indio

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So it took me a long time to write about it cause I’m still really sad.  I never made it to see the Big 4.  I called a bunch of stations and lost on a lot of KROQ giveaways. I almost used my rent money to go but I have too many posters and CD’s to have on the street.  So instead I got really wasted and high and listened to all of my Metallica, Slayer and Megadeth albums until I passed out.  I’m glad my neighbor doesn’t do his drugs.

Here’s a link to a Spanish Christian radio I called for tickets.  I was desperate!

Bands Need To Stop!

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Okay, so I’m trying to find tickets to see the Big 4 in Indio when I get an email telling me that members of S.I.N. Club can get pre-sale tickets tomorrow to see Mötley Crüe this summer. Okay. Bands. Listen. It’s really hard to find cash to see you, so stop playing back to back. I need like 5 months between pre-sale tickets. I’m gonna do some web design work for some guy on Craigslist this weekend, but it’s not a lot of money. Like $25. So… stop playing or give me free tickets.

Looking for a Free Ticket to see The Big 4 in Indio

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So I really really really want to go see this show but I don’t have any money and my mom won’t let me sell her computer. If you’re a radio station or someone who has tickets to giveaway I’d be a great winner. If you have two that would be better, cause then I could take my friend Chandra.

Vince Neil Hasn’t Learned His Lesson

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So TMZ says Vince Neil got a DUI again. You’d think rock stars would know that when you get loaded you should get a stretch limo with a hot tub in back and continue partying. I don’t know why Vince wouldn’t want to keep partying? When you drive you can’t party. You have to watch the road. Maybe he’s getting old. Not like age old, but old like I don’t wanna have a good time all night old or, I don’t trust anyone to do things for me cause I know I’m old so I have to prove I’m young or, don’t touch my things, I drive my way and I only like to do things my way old. Good news is he’ll be in jail for 15 days, so hopefully I’ll get a chance to get in there and meet him.

Woh Sweden

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So I just watched Enforcer’s new video for their song Midnight Vice.  I may move have to move to Sweden. Great scream at 1:43 from Olof “Enforcer”. It would be cool to hear what a few whiskeys would do to his voice.

Top 10 Riffs of the 80’s? More like, “Of All Time!”

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So I just read about this article by Michael Wright for where Michael lists his Top 10 Riffs of the 1980’s.  You’ve gotta be really brave to make a list like that, cause like, there were a lot of great riffs in the 80’s. Thing is, I think Michael was wrong. Not only did he forget Metallica and Van Halen as well as a few other bands, but he’s wrong to say these riffs were the best of just the 80’s. I think some of them were the best of all time! Namely #’s 9, 6, 5, obviously 4, 3 (maybe shoulda been 1), 2 (cause it was based on my mom), and 1. The rest of those songs I’ll just pretend they never happened.

AS THEY SLEEP Video Blog – No Party In Sight

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As They Sleep put out a video blog showing what went on behind the scenes to make their music video for “Oracle of the Dead”. First of all, it’s not a good idea for a band to take videos of what goes on behind the scenes.  Most of the time you can get arrested for what you do.  But I figured if As They Sleep wants to show how they party, I’ll watch it and see if I’d wanna party with them.

Turns out the video blog was really weird.  There weren’t any girls except when they were shooting the music video.  And those girls were wearing long sleeve shirts and hoodies.  No skin showing at all!   Sort of reminded me of the one time I got backstage to meet Rob Halford.

Also no drugs or booze.  There was a kid in the video, so maybe he was just slow bringing the stuff to the set. Kids aren’t as good at that as they used to be.  Still, it’ll be cool to see the music video when it’s done.

Sebastian Bach Gets Arrested for Being a Rock Star?

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What is wrong with Canada?

Sebastian Bach got arrested I guess for smashing glass, fighting, and having some weed. If anything he should have been arrested for not having more drugs on him.  Still, I think it’s cool that he knows how to get fucked up and piss people off.  Canadian police just need to know it’s nothing personal, it’s just how rock stars say, “I’m having a really great time here.  Thanks for the hospitality.” Well Sebastian, I hope the rest of your trip in Ontario is more understanding.

Awesome Weekend! Part 2 “Ozzfest!”

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I made it to Ozzfest!  I was scared I wasn’t gonna get to go. I tried getting my mom to help me buy tickets but since Scorpions went on their farewell tour I can’t get a hold of her.  Then I heard that not many people wanted to go to the fest so tickets went on sale for $10.  I tried to get Chandra to go, but she says she won’t drive all the way to San Bernadino for some old farts.  I told her that’s a dumb reason to not go.  I then called our old friend Meg.  She has a couple of kids and a husband and lives out in Sherman Oaks.  She almost always says no and tells me all the time that she has responsibilities, but this time she sounded really tired and pissed off and said she’d go.  Only thing was I had to promise to not take any photos of her cause she doesn’t want anyone to know that she went.  (For the record, she looked pretty cool. She kept her sweater on the whole time cause it was cold, but at least her jean shorts were torn and short.) Ever since she married that Jim Hymen guy years ago, she hasn’t really been as much fun.  Especially after he got that job at ABC doing scheduling and stuff.  But I know that if you’ve partied once, you can party again.

I was right. We had the best time!  We couldn’t go out until nighttime though, cause Meg had to put her kids to sleep first.  So we missed Goatwhore and Skeleton Witch and Rob Halford.  I was really sad to miss him.  I got backstage to see him once.  I tried to sleep with him but nothing happened.  I don’t know why. He liked my tights. Anyway, when we were walking up to the show I heard Mötley Crüe.  Meg said it wasn’t them, but I know Shout at the Devil like really well.  I started to run cause I didn’t want to miss my chance to see and better yet, meet them.  My stiletto platforms made it really tough to run on the dirt. Meg kept up with me by walking. The $10 tickets had us really far back on the lawn.  We kept trying to move up but these guys kept setting trash on fire and moshing around it.  I don’t get it. They spent a whole $10 and really missed out on the bands. We then found one way that looked empty but some really big drunk guy came up and yelled, “Don’t you want to see some titties?!” He kept yelling at everyone around us, “Let’s see some titties!” I explained to him that titties only get shown to guys in bands. He looked at me real mean and swayed a bit before Meg grabbed my hand and pulled me back to the back of the lawn. I don’t know why she did that. Guys need to know these things.

By the time we got away The Crüe were done with their set. I was so sad. I was so hoping to get backstage with them. But there was no chance now. Meg made me feel better though. She reminded me that what’s important is that they still rock. Not like Axl Rose. After that, I felt way better. Then Ozzy Osbourne came out. He was so rock! Incredible. And then when he did Crazy Train with this cool 9 year old kid who rocked the guitar. It was like really cool. My mom tells me stories of when Ozzy Osbourne would come over to our place when he was sleeping with her. I guess he used to tell me werewolf stories before I’d go to bed. Mom says he was always really nice, even though he was crazy. I think that’s what makes him cool.

After the show, we hung out in the parking lot for a little bit. Some guys were grilling hot dogs and drinking beer. I had some beers, Meg had some hot dogs. It was a party. Meg drove me home and I fell asleep. What an awesome weekend!

Awesome Weekend! Part 1 “The Comedy Store and Nate”

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So LACC is doing some construction, so I got to do my class on The Strip!!!! I couldn’t believe it! I found a bus that drops me off right there. I am so gonna go back after I make enough from teaching and have an extra $1.50 for the bus. Good thing is my extension course on “How To Party Correctly” has been a real hit. This week I taught my class how to get the attention of a band so you can get backstage. Pretty simple: Get to the front of the stage, get on a guy’s shoulders and take your top off. Works great. I wanted to do a demonstration since like, a lot of people don’t learn by hearing stuff. So, since I was on The Strip, I just stepped outside and met this guy Nate. He kept saying something about working at the Key Club. I got him a beer and he let me get on his shoulders. He’s not in a band or anything, but he was pretty cool. We talked bands for awhile and took some photos. I was hoping to party after but the bus stops running pretty early and Echo Park is far from The Strip. Still, had a lot of fun. Can’t wait to go back.

Marisol Medina and Rick Carmody

Nate was pretty wasted.

Marisol Medina and Rick Carmody

Paige and Nate backstage at The Comedy Store

Marisol Medina and Rick Carmody Comedy Store

Bathrooms are great for pictures