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Hung out with Chandra on Thanksgiving. I picked up some turkey from Boston Market and then Chandra baked some tv dinners for sides. It was pretty good. Chandra’s mom called. She’s still not giving thanks that her daughter owns a record store. But she still gives thanks that I’m around. She tells me that if Chandra ever finds a man, it’ll be because of me. She says Chandra always looks great next to me. Thanks Mrs. Bishop! My mom never called. Still waiting. She must be really busy. I hear Scorpions are crazy on tour.


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Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. Looked in my email and found out that the Crüe is gonna be playing in Canada! Their tour starts January 23, 2010! Oh my God. The Crüe told their fans that they’ll be “bringing it loud and hard.” I better work out! I’m gonna start doing some laundry so I can start hitchhiking to Canada next month.

Lecture Series – Part 2

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The second Lifestyle Extension course I gave on HOW TO PARTY CORRECTLY went really really really well on Saturday at the ACME Theater. Almost too well. I was seriously hungover all day today. I don’t know how many more of these classes I can give. But it’s important for people to learn how to do body shots correctly if LA’s gonna become a hotbed of party again. I’m going back to my hashbrowns now.


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Stupid Chandra. Took me to some party in some place called Silverlake near where we live. No one knew who I was dressed up as for Halloween! I told her we should have partied on the strip, but she keeps telling me rock stars don’t live out there anymore. Well I heard Lemmy hangs out there, so as soon as I buy a car, I’m gonna go to the Rainbow to meet him. Stupid Chandra.

Lecture Series “How to Party Correctly”

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Gave another lecture on body shots at some place called ACME Theater in Los Angeles. Kinda weird to have to teach that in a theater and during the Los Angeles Comedy Festival, but these extension courses are there for the people and so am I! LACC is gonna let me do one more of these lectures next week at ACME. All the info is on my PAIGE LIVE button on the left on my website, above Links, Metal Reviews. Store, Auctions, Videos, oh there it is.